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2nd-10th Grade
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Terrence Durham

Head Coach

Terrence Durham

I was honored as McDonalds All-American top basketball recruit and was given a full scholarship to attend St. Bonaventure University, NY for 4 years earning a Bachelor's Degree in Finance. I competed against some of the best talent in the nation and was inspired to continue after I completed my college career. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to play 10 years of Professional Basketball in Europe. Living abroad allowed me to learn from so many different walks of life and opened my horizons on different cultures. With my hard work, dedication and commitment, I won multiple awards and was recognized as an outstanding player. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and wisdom and helping encourage our youth to become more confident and successful individuals. I've had the opportunity to work with multiple programs that help enrich the lives of young people and look forward to continuing to be a positive role model. Accomplishments Nominated to McDonald High School All American National Top 100 Player, Won Player of the Month Award multiple times as a European Professional Basketball, Skills Coach / Volunteer Coach at PSA teaching the basic fundamentals of the game of basketball. I inspire through positive reinforcement, encouragement and my pure passion for helping others.

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